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 The Return *1x1 open*

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PostSubject: The Return *1x1 open*   Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:34 am

About 5 years ago, when I was ten, a man came to my house. My mother knew him well, but I didn't know him. I remember leading this perfectly normal, human life. But that day I went out with my friends, and I saw something strange. I wrote it off and continued my day. I got home and everything was fine, mom was at work. The guy came back and took me away. For five years I did what I was told, he taught me how to fight. I heard everyday for the first year that people were searching for me, but it stopped. Now I've come home, having killed that man and found my way home. My world was different, and I could sense the differences, or the things that were there before but lay undetected.

Name: Slakia Marni
Age: 15
Race: werewolf
Bio: before I was ten I was a happy go lucky girlie girl. I loved princesses and dreamed of being one. I had a best friend, and I at one time would never have thought of kissing him, but things are different. We've changed. I've changed.
Looks: long, dark red hair, dark green eyes, full lips, 5'11", thin frame.
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The Return *1x1 open*
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