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 Deadman Wonderland *1x1 open*

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PostSubject: Deadman Wonderland *1x1 open*   Mon Jan 05, 2015 1:22 am

Nina was a Junior in High School and she was top in the nation as well. When she went on her school trip this man who has been described as the man in red appeared and this strange flash similar to an explosion occured, and killed all but her. She was charged with first degree murder and is found guilty. She is sent off to work at Dead man Wonderland where she will spend what might be her last days. Her first day she is grabbed by a man and threatened to be killed if they don't give him this candy. She learns easily that she has to earn this candy in order to survive. She has survived a year so far and soon after another boy around her age arrives with the same story. Were they both random victims or were they chosen? And for what reason?

Name: Nina Shiro
Age: 17
Power Gem: (its a specific place where they were struck and gives them this ability and I cant describe it) the naval
Gem Color: Purple
Bio: more to come
Looks: I will see about posting a link or making a new avatar

Sorry about the power thing but really I haven't gotten too much info on the show yet so if you would be patient. As far as I know these abilities can be put in any part of the body and it has the shape of a gem.
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Deadman Wonderland *1x1 open*
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