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 Kingdom Come *1x1 open*

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PostSubject: Kingdom Come *1x1 open*   Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:00 pm

Queen Melanie has been a bit of a mystery. After her father's death she inherited the throne and the situations her father had gotten into. One of which was a possible war that they were unprepared for, the other being mostly issues with the people of her kingdom. She handles everything with an indifference and a look of uncaring. The people are wondering if she truly has her heart in her people or is it in her power.

The prince of another kingdom, a kind and caring gentleman who was the 3rd in line for his own kingdom, came searching for this Queen in order to assist with her burden. Particularly by order of his own father. He comes to find this woman to be cold, calculating, and power hungry. But he soon discovers that all is not as it appears, if you listen behind closed doors.

Name: Melanie
Age: 18
Race: Iron Fey
Bio: she was a quiet girl. She had a lot of restraint she inherited from her dad. If she gets irate it goes unnoticed so she uses it to appease her power hungry council, who only want to empower the nobility and higher classes. No one really knows who she is because she doesn't let anyone in. More details will come.
Looks: will be posted from a desktop later.


Gotta love Darker Than Black.
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Kingdom Come *1x1 open*
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