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 He is a She *1x1 open*

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PostSubject: He is a She *1x1 open*   Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:24 am

Alex was a tomboy as a child.It ever really changed except when she grew up she became biker chic. She likes who she is. One day she had a hoodie that made her small B cup look like she was flat chested. She had short hair and appeared to be a guy. One of her friends saw her and she happened to be playing some random instruments at a music store. The band was supposed to be all guys so Alex played a long with the game. Then she meets the hot lead singer and falls for him. The only problem is that she can't tell him her feelings as long as they're in a band.

Name: Alex "AJ" Johnson
Age: 23
Occupation: video game store clerk
Band: pianist, guitar, singer (not while "boy")
Bio: she grew up with the boys in the band. She laughed thinking they don't know it's her. She enjoys their company but after a practice she sometimes finds wearing her tight clothes, make-up, and 3 inch heels to a club with the girls is a great relief. It doesn't help with the frustration of dealing with her feelings for the singer.
Looks: black short hair that's only long enough to hang in the eye, thin frame, tall, full lips, red on the end of her hair.

So with this we are just starting from the last post. Which I don't know what it was.
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He is a She *1x1 open*
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